2018 Dick Tracy / Green Hornet Crossover!

Mike Curtis and Joe Staton have graciously leaked promotional artwork for the 2018 Dick Tracy crossover and we couldn’t be more ecstatic to announce that Tracy will be meeting The Green Hornet!  

Born as an adventuresome radio drama in 1936, masked crime fighter, The Green Hornet has a rise to fame very similar to Tracy himself.  From “birth” the Hornet franchise branched out from radio to comic books, serials, movies and television.   While the various incarnations of the Green Hornet change in details, in most versions the Green Hornet is the alter ego of Britt Reid, wealthy young publisher of the Daily Sentinel newspaper by day. But by night, clad in a long green overcoat, gloves, green fedora hat and green mask, Reid fights crime as the a mysterious vigilante and is often accompanied by his masked partner and confidant, Kato, who drives their technologically advanced car, the “Black Beauty”.  

Unlike previous “team-up” crossovers (see Annie and The Spirit), the artwork is quick to point out that this is not a team up!  What that means could be open to a lot of fun interpretation.  Will Tracy and the Hornet be at odds?  Or is Mike simply saying that the crossover will be fairly short?   Regardless of the answer, we will say, Curtis and Staton handle these crossovers masterfully, no matter the length.  They seem to effortlessly merge these different comic entities into the Tracy universe with engrossing writing and skillful artwork that stays true to both comics.  We can’t wait for April!

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5 Responses to 2018 Dick Tracy / Green Hornet Crossover!

  1. Chris says:

    Are either the Annie or Spirit stories available in a collection? I hate trying to read older stories on go comics.

  2. Michael DeBonis says:

    I would love to see this strip anthologized! I’d buy it in a heartbeat! What a great thing to read!

  3. Michael DeBonis says:

    Another crossover with Doc Savage, or The Shadow would be a superb idea to see Dick Tracy star in. I’m sure it can be done! You guys would would bring a lot of attention to your comic strip if you did so…and you guys (Curtis & Staton) both have the talent to pull it effectively off. Doc Savage scripter Will Murray may be advantageous for you two to contact…but it’s just an idea!

    Happy New Year!

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