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BigLittleBook1932_AdventuresofDickTracyLittle more than a year after Dick Tracy debuted in the Detroit Mirror (Oct 4th, 1931), the increasingly popular detective was first published in time for Christmas of 1932. “The Adventures of Dick Tracy” was the inaugural Big Little Book, a collection which would continue to host Chester Gould’s character (and many others) for years to come.

Eight decades later, a search on Amazon for Dick Tracy books returns over 1,500 results!  Many are comic collections, short and long, by villain or date.  Others are the prized monthly comic books, biographies, novels (some based on movies) and retrospectives.  Search the internet, and we find even more to read, such as well thought out articles and historical reviews.  It’s a bit overwhelming.

So, here we will begin to organize the printed word of Dick Tracy, with hopes of helping someone find an interesting article, just the right story or perhaps just to browse happily through some old memories.

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