Breaking the Fourth Wall

In today’s Sunday strip, Vitamin Flintheart broke the fourth wall, talking directly to Dick Tracy readers to introduce the third act of the summer’s Moon Maid saga.  Channelling the opening monologue of Frankenstein (1931)¹, Vitamin foretells many changes for his friends in the coming story warns us to prepare our hearts for some form of calamity.  With the current arc’s focus on Sparkle, Junior, Honeymoon and Moon Maid we are worried.  Death of a loved one is rare but has happened before.


Other Dick Tracy historians can chime in, but we cannot recall another direct fourth wall breach, excluding holiday cheers and salutes and Dick Tracy forums are a busy place with discussion on today’s strip.  We have many predictions about what made Vitamin break down in tears on during his monologue, all of them no doubt wrong but here are a few thoughts.

  • Moon Maid : Death or terrible injury befalls the new Moon Maid, possibly during heroics on the Wheaton farm.  We’ve seen the Apparatus leadership talking about using B-B Eyes or Doubleup as enforcers.  This seems a bit obvious, but it might be where we’re heading.
  • Sparkle Plenty : Ok, she’s married to Junior and is Sparkle Tracy now, but everyone know’s her by the other.  As the wife of Junior, she’s been in the thick of this story and bad things seem to befall Junior’s love interests.  We really hope nothing bad happens to Sparkle, but it could, leaving the door open for a future new Moon Maid / Junior romance.
  • Diet Smith : Diet’s been talking with Dr. Sail and Zy Ghote and they seem to have some motive, it seems like they want the Space Coupe.  If something were to happen to Diet and the Space Coupe, it would certainly end any chance of a future return trip to the Moon.
  • Honeymoon : Honey has been tracking the returned Moon Maid ever since her first sightings.  Something happening to her would be far to tragic to consider…so we did and we don’t like the thought.
  • Dick Tracy or his Team : So Dick will always survive, it’s his strip after all but he could suffer a bad injury, putting him out of action for a month or two.  His team on the other hand is a bit more vulnerable.  Sam Catchem, Lizz Worthington and Lee Ebony have been around decades, but that doesn’t make them invincible.  Bad injuries, retirement causing incidents (Chief Brandon) and even deaths (Groovy Grove) have happened.  Still we feel any permanent character loss would at least be preceeded by a focus on that character in the first acts and Tracy’s team has not had much print time this summer.
¹ Terry Pleger found this Frankenstein Youtube link.  Thanks to Terry for all the did-you-know information shared on the GoComics Dick Tracy forums.  You’re awesome!
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4 Responses to Breaking the Fourth Wall

  1. Pequod77 says:

    Welcome, gentle readers, pardon the intermission
    Vitamin steps to the stage, all will wish to listen.
    The first two Acts have come and gone, cheers ringing from the rafters
    Thrills and spills, suspense and crime, action, tears and laughter.
    Street thieves have been thwarted, rumors have been spread
    Whispers that Mysta of the Moon walks the earth and is not dead.
    Veiled agenda of the Consortium, a duplicitous, violent clan
    Whose deception and maneuvering shall serve the Original Plan.
    Mysterious Mysta, Nefarious Doctors, dirty deeds by the Apparatus
    Time for the final Act is here, Lord knows what they’ll throw at us.
    The Sparkle-Zap forgiven, differences shall be resolved
    Crime and punishment, life and death, a plethora of puzzles solved.
    Be forewarned these final scenes are not for the faint of heart
    Don’t avert your eyes and miss the prize, Showdown is about to start!

  2. Terry Pleger says:

    Thanks for the shout out. I suppose I know who you meant, but, it is Terry Pleger or Tarry Plaguer which is my GoComics handle, and an obvious pun on my name. It also means to tarry, or to loiter, and plaguer or someone who plague’s you. It seemed to fit.
    If the last name seems familiar it should. I am the husband of Shelley Pleger the inker and letterer of the Harvey Award Winning – Dick Tracy. (YEA!)
    I’m not proud of her or anything. (grin)

    • admin says:

      I can’t believe I messed up your name, I’m sooo sorry! I get going to fast sometimes and don’t check myself…I should have noticed the last name….I knew the relationship! Fixing it now. You should be proud of your wife, she’s doing a fantastic job! Thanks for correcting me.


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