Tracy Family Tree

DickTracyFamilyTreeWith the last week of daily strips focusing on Dick Tracy’s family and the exciting news that Junior and Sparkle will be expecting a new child we began thinking, what would the Tracy/Plenty family tree look like?  With Bonnie Braid’s return to the strip, Joe Staton has amazingly now done art for every major member of the family.  Organizing them into a tree took some work but it turned out well enough.  Click on the image to take a closer look!

Old Dick Tracy Radio

Dick Tracy - Ned Wever - publicity stillWhile we’re finally getting a chance to read a lengthier Dick Tracy adventure, featuring one of our favorite new villains, Abner Kadaver, I thought I’d plug the Depot a little bit. We have a nice collection of Dick Tracy Radio plays from the 30’s and 40’s and have been slowly putting them together for your perusement. With the exception of Dick Tracy in B Flat, which was an Army radio musical comedy, these radio drama’s were aimed at a younger crowd and honestly you need a fairly high Dick Tracy fandom quotient to listen to them. To make things slightly easier for the modern listener, we’ve also been compiling stories into single 1-2 hour-long radio streams with all the commercials cut out.  Dick Tracy and the Black Pearl of Osiris and Dick Tracy and the Purple Rider are now done.  So, if you’re really into all things Dick Tracy or old-time radio shows, check out the Radio section.

Jim Doherty Articles

DohertyLong time Dick Tracy police collaborator and Sunday crimestopper writer Jim Doherty was kind enough to allow to provide us with two of his Dick Tracy articles which have been attached in the new Books, Collections and Articles section of the Depot.  The first gives a history of Dick Tracy and Chester Gould and the second is a great piece on Dick Tracy in Prose.  Jim has a deep knowledge of the world of Dick Tracy and the history of American law enforcement and his work is definitely worth the read.  Also, take a look at the Novels, Collections and Big Little Book pages, they might just trigger a desire to start a collection like us.

Sparkle Zap!

sparklezapcereals2Moon Maid ZAPPED Sparkle!!  Check out the May 28th strip to see MM (real Moon Maid, clone, someone else brain washed?) zap Sparkle Plenty in a bit of a cat fight  over Honeymoon and Junior Tracy.  Ok, really it was a sucker punch, Sparkle didn’t even see it coming and neither did we!

It was a fun day and after boarder Dick Tracy yahoo group Willy Carlson coined the assault on Junior’s wife a “Sparkle Zap”, Mike Curtis (DT writer) challenged a digital artist to produce a cereal by the same name.  Willy took on the challenge and gave us quite the cover!  A whole lot of fun and we have to admit interest in that Mysta doll as well!  Check out the yahoo boards on DT for a full sized version.

Classic Dick Tracy Film

DickTracyReturnsAs many Crimestoppers know, a number of Dick Tracy films have entered into the Public Domain and can be seen for free…if you can find them. The Depot has taken the liberty of collecting this video together in a single easy to understand Dick Tracy Youtube Channel.  Additional film and radio will be added as it is discovered.  In particular, we’re looking for more Television episodes, drop us a line if you have any sources!

To make browsing the Depot that much more awesome, everything available on the Youtube channel is also available for viewing right here in the Dick Tracy Film and TV section.  Just click our links and pictures and video will pop right up.  Have fun!