Happy Veterans Day

We here at the Depot would like to wish all our veterans a wonderful Veterans Day and thank you from the bottom of our hearts for all that you do or have done.  Thank you!

Detective Tracy and creator Chester Gould have long had a special affection for those in the military and this was never more apparent than during World War II.  While the top cop battled Nazi forces like Pruneface stateside, he transcended the newspapers to sell war bonds, take part in Armed Forces Radio, and frequently make his way to the battle-front by way of postcards, operation names and dropping bombs.  Browse a quick Veterans gallery of pictures and video below, to see what we’re talking about.

In addition to our best Veterans day wishes, the Depot would like to congratulate Mike Curtis and Joe Staton for winning the 2016 Akron Comiccon Excellence Award for their work on Dick Tracy.  The duo was presented with the award while at their Nov 6th panel in Akron.  Well done gentlemen!

A Very Breathless Valentines

BreathlessLegsIn honor of Valentines Day I thought we might take a look back at a family of women who have kept Dick Tracy on his toes numerous times over the years. These fiery ladies faced down cops and criminals alike with their killer instincts, lust for cash and sense of vengeance.  Yet behind the remorseless exterior, each had a hidden streak of good.  I am of course talking about the Mahoney girls.

Breathless Mahoney

Breathless Mahoney was the first and most well-known of the four ladies we’ve seen to date, thanks primarily to Madonna, the 1990 Dick Tracy movie and Tracy’s soft spot for lounge singers. That’s right isn’t it? Not so much.


In May of 1945 when Chester Gould introduced Breathless, she joined a series of golden age foes such as Flattop and Pruneface. The attractive and slender blond was the step-daughter of confidence man Shaky whose hidden $50,000 would drive the plot for over a year. Breathless’s recovery of Shaky’s secret treasure led to a tug of war between her and her mother Elia which in turn drew Tracy’s attention to a possible crime. There was no singing or flirtations with our favorite detective, although Pat Patton admitted the girl was aptly named. Breathless was a journalism student, far to interested in the cash prize, which she finally won from her mother after a battle of wills to see who could stay awake longer.

Breathless was determined to keep her money and bludgeoned or killed several men who one by one tried to take her treasure. Eventually she found herself on the farm of B.O. Plenty who also schemed to deprive her of $50,000. Tracy’s investigations led him to Plenty’s farm, but this was before the two knew each other and B.O. was not helpful to the detective. On a second trip, Breathless gave Tracy and B.O. drugged coffee and fled, only to later be caught by B.O. who nearly strangled her to death and left her unconscious. Tracy arrested her soon after but Breathless’s future was sadly short. While in prison she contracted an unidentified but fatal illness. Her life of crime led to a final act of kindness and when she heard news about B.O.’s reform and impending marriage to Gravel Gertie she wrote a letter absolving him of his crimes.

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