Dick Tracy Volume 16 Released

DickTracyVol16FrontThe 16th volume of IDW’s awesome hard cover Dick Tracy series was released yesterday and at least one source, Amazon, quickly sold out of this hot item…which sounds like a good sign for the growth of the Dick Tracy fan base and additional copies should quickly become available.  This volume reprints the Dick Tracy strip from October 25, 1954 through May 13, 1956 and begins with the villain Rughead returning from hiding out in Mexico to get revenge on a fence who betrayed him.  Violence and death follow.

The Rughead story is followed up by the return of another great Dick Tracy foe, Mumbles, who did not die as we were led to believe in 1947 but was instead rescued by eccentric millionaire George Ozone.  Mumbles, always looking for a way to scam money begins to tutor children Neki and Hokey while learning yoga and exercise from Ozone until he finds out about Ozone’s treasure cache.

Dick Tracy next faces his biggest villain yet, the 467 pound killer Oodles who is friends with nightclub owner Nothing Yonson.  A photographer working for Nothing, a woman named Lizz comes forward to help and nothing’s man Joe Period roughs her up.  Keeping her cool as she will for years to come, Lizz helps Dick take down Oodles gang.

The final of this volume is Lizz’s first case as she joins the police force and begins to hunt Joe Period for the killing of Mr. Pocketclip and night club singer Julie Marrlin, who happens to be Lizz’s long-lost sister.  Joe flees the in a classic chase sequence and joins forces with Flattop’s son, Flattop Jones Jr. and his amazing car.  The bulk of this story will come with the next Volume 17 installment and we can’t wait!

Pre-Order Dick Tracy Volume 16

ChesterGouldCollection#15For those of you collecting the Complete Dick Tracy collections, Volume 16 is now available for pre-order with delivery expected around March of next year. This assuredly awesome hardcover will reprint strips from October 25, 1954 through May 13, 1956 and includes a number of great villains including Rughead, the enormous Oodles, George Ozone, Nothing Yonson and the young teenager, Joe Period whose story introduces us to a nightclub photographer named Lizz Worthington.  The collection also includes the return of Mumbles (last seen in 1947) and the beginning of the great Flattop Jones Jr. story.

Dick Tracy Volume 15 now on Sale

ChesterGouldCollection#15For the comic strip collectors among you, Volume 15 of Chester Gould’s Dick Tracy series has been released in all it’s hardcover glory. The cover features 3D Magee one of several sociopathic villains introduced during this collections time period, April 19, 1953 to Oct 24, 1954. Like the previous volumes, former Dick Tracy writer Max Allan Collins writes a detailed introduction filled with images of old advertisements for the Dick Tracy comic strip.

In the last volume we were introduced to Odds Zonn, the new Mr. Crime and his daughter Susie who he abandons near the Plenty farm, a cliffhanger ending. B.O. Plenty and Gravel Gertie of course take little Susie in, calling her Little Wingy and are concerned to find she glows in the dark. Little Wingy is suffering radioactive poisoning and Diet Smith asks Dr. Von Nucleus to cure her. Her criminal father’s fate comes to a more tragic end with a bullet to the head and Susie is adopted by the Plenty’s, becoming a sister to young Sparkle Plenty.

Sparkle, a recent addition to the strip has been a marketing hit for Gould, with a very popular Sparkle Plenty doll in stores. Chester may have hoped to repeat this performance with Little Wingy, pairing the two little girls together and putting them in peril when 3D Magee and Pony use their lives (and some lethal ants) to blackmail rich Uncle “Canhead” Plenty. 3D and Pony are clearly sociopaths, willing to kill to achieve their goals and the chase to arrest them lasts for the remainder of 1953. Uncle “Canhead” seems to have filled the role of Vitamin Flintheart in the strip during this time period and a new character Chick Smithly seems like an beta test of a Lizz Worthington like female crime fighter.

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Calling Dick Tracy! Volume 1 (E-Book)

The time is now. The place is the City by the Lake. The man is Dick Tracy. Decades after the era of Al Capone, Pruneface, Ma Barker and Flattop, the good guys are still fighting the bad guys with guns, guts and technology in the continuing saga of Dick Tracy.

Volume one of the new “Calling Dick Tracy!” eBook series by noted artist Joe Staton (Justice Society of America, Green Lantern) and writer Mike Curtis (Richie Rich, Casper the Friendly Ghost) features the new teams first 20 weeks including the storylines, Flyface and Fifth Return, Flakey Miscuit Makes the Dough, Doubleup and Scarlet Sting and B-B Eyes and Honeymoon.  Word is out each strip comes to us in color, even the dailies which many readers have only ever seen in black and white.  Now available in Apple’s iBook and also Amazon e-readers, we can’t wait to get our hands on it!

Dick Tracy Volume 14 is Published

Just released, Dick Tracy Volume 14 includes all the comic strips between September 16, 1951April 18, 1953 and is loaded with hard-hitting stories. Now entering the 1950’s, we are past the legendary stories and villains of the 30’s and 40’s and well into the post war era with some of Chester Gould’s most emotional writing.

The Volume begins with the continuation of Volume 13’s Crewy Lou storyline in which the photographer found herself in trouble with the head of a crime syndicate named “The King” and soon on the run in a car with Tracy’s newborn Bonnie Braids. It is a long chase scene that ends well for the Tracy family. After the new addition to the Tracy family, we dive into an internal affairs case where our very own Detective must fight off accusations of corruption due to the activities of “The Custodian” and Spinner ReCord.

Following the Spinner ReCord ordeal, we get to my favorite story of the 50’s, that of Junior Tracy’s first love, Model Jones. The story pushes home the growth of the Junior character now in his teens as the wonderful Model tries to deal with her alcoholic parents and criminal brother. Gould does not play nice in this story though, and Model is accidentally shot by her brother and dies in a long, moving sequence in Junior’s embrace.

With our emotions taking a toll, the storylines dive back into a long and delicious crime storyline. We meet the terrible singer Tonsils who attempts to stay straight but ends up in the back pocket of the mysterious Mr. Crime! Mr. Crime forces Tonsils to attempt to assassinate Tracy while he is on vacation. Tracy of course survives with the help of Rifle Ruby.

Mr. Crime continues to be the primary foe of Dick Tracy and we are introduced to Newsuit Nan and her assassins and the mushroom lady who maintains Mr. Crime’s man-eating plants. Tracy uncovers Crime’s real name, George Alpha and his dark career comes to an end with Odds Zonn trying to take over the mantle of Mr. Crime. Near the end of the volume we meet Zonn’s daughter for the first time, Little Wings and what ever could be her fate? I guess we’ll have to wait and find out in the next volume, I hope it comes out quick!  (or you could read our storyline summaries!)