When Chester Gould Ruled

Nick Caputo writes comic articles and essays and is the author of the blog, Marvel Mysteries and Comics Minutiae.   Nick’s latest work is a loving article about growing up reading the Dick Tracy comic strip during the space age era.  Like many who started reading Tracy during the moon period, these stories were not strange and contrary to the gritty 30’s and 40’s crime capers that their parents grew up with but were exciting introductions to a detective who could go to the Moon and back to solve a crime.  If you have the time, head on over to Nick’s blog for a read!

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  1. Bob Andersen says:

    Many readers didn’t get the name “Joe Period”. I think Joe was just a wiseass who, when asked his name, merely said “Joe”. When the interrogator asked, “Joe who?”, he replied, “Just Joe. Joe PERIOD!” I thoughtn that was a great character name.

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