Other Characters

Here are characters not considered friends, allies or villians of Dick Tracy.  Sadly many of these people are victims, but happily some move on to live successful lives.

NameActive YearsBrief BioLast Status
Buddy Waldorf1932Buddy was the two year old son of John Waldorf when he was kidnapped by Big Boy.Alive
John H. Waldorf1932An internation business man and father Buddy Waldorf. John discovered several forged bonds and began Tracy's investigation into Count Gordon. Waldorf was briefly deputized and helped rescue Tracy and Pat Patton escape a trapped lion and then arrest Count Gordon following a shootout.Alive
Professor Groff1932A scientist known by Tracy, Groff helped identify ink in the Alec Penn case.Alive
Marge Dale1932Friend of Tess Trueheart, Kenneth Grebb made several attempts to kill Marge so that her father Mr. Dale might be forced to give him her $50,000 life insurance policy.Alive
Mr. Dale1932Father Marge Dale, Mr. Dale got mixed up with Kenneth Grebb's dope smuggling ring and was blackmailed into providing all his money.Alive
Hank Steele1933, 1961A blind silver miner from Colorado, Hank Steele was Junior Tracy's real father.Dead
Donnie Gimley1933A young boy hired by "Confidence" Dolan to push a baby stroller with stolen bonds from one place to another. When Donnie was hit by a car the police recovered the bonds. Donnie and Junior met and recovered together in the hospital.Alive
Joseph White1933A well off man and Jimmy White's father. His son stole $20,000 in bonds from his house, which were recovered. When he learned his son Jimmy had stolen the bonds Mr. White refused to pay his bail.Alive
Jean Penfield1933, 1934Wrote stories about the underworld that shook up criminals in the city.Dead
Matt Page1934Matt Page is the editor of the News Globe newspaper.Alive
Edith Bumpstead1934Mother of Scotty Bumpstead, Edith would track down and badly injure Larceny Lu and Steve the Tramp after their part in paralyzing her son.Unknown
Mary Steele1934, 1935Junior Tracy's biological mother.Alive
Chief Yellowpony1935Indian chief who saw through the scheme of Boris Arson to marry is daughter to avoid the police. Yellowpony and his family were taken hostage and the chief jumped from a moving car to bring Dick Tracy.Alive
Toby Townly1935, 1940Compassionate former girl of Mark Masters and wife of Kress Kroywen.Alive
Addie Gothorn1936Hotel murder victim killed by Athnel JonesDead
Kitty Manlis1936Lips Manlis's ex-wife, Kitty was enlisted to help find a Lips Manlis when he was captured and drugged by Mimi.Alive
Brighton Spots1938A wanna-be detective who helped Tracy and Junior track down train robber Jojo Nidle.Alive
"Pop" Gaines1939Owner a health resort visited by Dick Tracy after a poisoning. Helped Tracy deal with his trouble making son Mickey and the criminals he associated with.Alive
Jade1939Jewelry salesman who is twice rescued.Alive
Mitzi Gaines1939Wife of Mickey Gaines, Mitzi found a body that led Tracy to the trail of Whip Chute.Alive
The Bovian Princes1939Two Bovanian Princes whom Dick Tracy and Junior helped rescue from Whip Chute.Alive
Aunt Margot1939Edward Nuremoh's aunt with a large inheritance. Margot was killed by Edward, while he framed his brother Karl for the crime.Dead
Karl Nuremoh1939Edward Nuremoh's brother, Karl was framed for the death of his Aunt Margot by Edward so he could get her inheritance.Alive
Lola Lavir1939Edward Nuremoh's true love, Lola was accidently killed by Edward when he meant to kill Tess Trueheart.Dead
Binnie Viller1939Daughter of Stooge Viller, Binnie accidently shot and killed her father, although she believes he was returned to prison.Alive
Kress Kroywen1940Husband of Toby Townly and son of the mad scientist Mr. Kroywen.Alive
Freez1940Industrialist and partner of Fred Mason. Freez was shot and killed by Mason.Dead
Mary X / Leona Sunny1940Amnesia victon found by Dick Tracy who lead Dick Tracy to the body of Freez, the murdered partner of industrialist Fred Mason. Mason tried to kill Mary twice because she had witnessed the murder, the second attempt's blow to the head restored her memory and recalled her name as Leona Sunny and that Fred Mason had shot Freez. Leona became a singer with Rudy Seton's band.Alive
Rudy Seton1940Good friend of Dick Tracy's who was setup as the killer of Fred Mason until Junky Doolb was revealed to be the real murderer. Rudy Seton has a band that includes Leona Sunny as singer.Alive
Tipp1940St. Bernard owned by Mamma and Jerome Trohs. After police raid his bank robbery attempt, Jerome Trohs seized bag of money and Tipp to freedom.Unknown
Professor Roloc Bard1940, 1986*Scientist kidnapped by Yogee Yamma to make gas to hypnotize wealthy widows; rescued by Dick Tracy. In a 1986 Dick Tracy story Bard is kidnapped by Flattop Jones and handed over to Pruneface in 1944. This, despite Prunceface dying in 1942.Alive
Mrs. Depool1941Having grown to hate her husband, Mrs. Depool helped her lunatic son Selbert hide out from the police after he killed his father at a health club. Mrs. Depool was killed in the house after Dick Tracy arrived and the house burned down.Dead
Myrna Depool1941Granddaughter of the late Mrs. Depool and in the house when Dick Tracy arrived looking for murderer Selbert Depool.Alive
Ginger Ferret1941Daughter of Constable Ferret killed in a car crash by Trigger Doom.Alive
Lola1941Secretary/Circus trapeze artist who helped Tracy on the Littleface case.Alive
Bea Thorndike1942Mother of Debbie Thorndike who twice saved her daughter and Dick Tracy.Alive
Debbie Thorndike1942A socialite girl secretly married to and blackmailed by Jacques. Owner of the Bird Club.Alive
Sailor Mann1942Boyfriend of Debbie Thorndike and one of the most ridiculus names there is.Alive
Frizzletop1942, 2012A one armed army nurse who is on good relations with Dick Tracy.Alive
Arnard1942A buyer of one of Tiger Lily's products, Arnard snitched to Tracy and was killed by Tiger.Dead
Frizzletop1942A female war veteran who went undercover for Tracy more than once.Alive
Dr. Rex1942Doctor who left clues for the Police that led them to Pruneface's hideout.Alive
Johnny Wreath1943Young boy kidnapped from daycare by his father.Alive
A.B. Hamlet1943Millionaire meat packer murdered by 88 Keys gang at request of his wife.Dead
George “Pop” Wheaton1943, 2013Dairy farmer whose farm is a frequenty stop for Tracy case runaways.Alive
Nellie Wheaton1943, 2013Naive farm girl tricked by 88 Keyes into helping him escape from Dick Tracy in her fathers car.Alive
Mrs. Jenkins1944Widowed Mother of 10 year old Bud Jenkins, the anti-Junior.Alive
Summer Sisters1944Twin sisters who got messed up with the Brow's schemes and were eventually killed.Dead
Snowflake Falls1944, 1945Model used by Shaky in a scheme to extort money from banker; married Vitamin Flintheart.Unknown
Dr. Lunquist1944Physician who "decided" to treat Shaky's hand after spotting a concealed gun held by a gang member.Alive
Brilliant1946, 1948A blind genius who works for Diet Smith and is behind a numer of his inventions.Dead
Themesong1946, 1987, 2012A young girl and street urchin who would sing to strangers, distracting them long enough for pick pockets strike.Alive
Christmas Early1946, 1970, 1978, 2011, 2013A local radio celebrity, a note from Gargles to Christmas helped Tracy track down the criminal.Alive
Mrs. Themesong1946Mother of Themesong, a singing street urchin. She was killed by the gangster Gargles.Dead
Brine Douglas1946, 1947Debtor shot and killed by Influence. His body was thrown off a pier.Dead
Florence Lane1946, 1947Wealthy heiress who was hypnotized for her cash and then murdered by Influence.Dead
Themesong1946, 1947, 1987, 2012Former street corner singer who went on to be a pop singer.Alive
Misty Waters1947Woman who became involved in both the Influence and Hypo cases.Alive
Mel Clark1947Son of Glance magazine publisher who was murdered by Hypo.Dead
Kiss Andtel1947Singer once part of Mumbles Quatet, Andtel alerted police to Mumbles criminal operations.Alive
Mr. Clark1948Publisher of Glance Magazine, father of the deceased Mel Clark. Alive
Mrs. Shoulders1948Wife and now widow of Shoulders. Was not aware of his past until Tracy caught up with him.Alive
Honey1948Step daughter of Shoulders who locked herself in his travel case which helped lead Tracy to Shoulder's new home.Alive
Miss Varnish1948Miss Varnish operated an antique shop where Shoulders would hide out.Alive
Spud1948A young boy who found a car wtih Beardsly's body in a lake, leading to Shoulders arrest.Alive
Flapsie/Heyyou1948Former dog of Mrs. Volts, now owned by B.O. Plenty.Unknown
Acres O'Riley1948Very, very tall cab driver who was conned by Heels Beals.Alive
Flossie Frost1948Daughter of Big Frost who suffered amnesia and lived with the Plentys for a time.Alive
Mrs. India1949Woman who's home Sleet tried to use to hide from the cops.Alive
Jim Pistol1949Health Spa and exercise owner who appeared in P.S. Tone storylines.Alive
Spike Dyke (Smith)1949, 1957, 2012A zany bandleader, who helped Tracy with Sketch Paree, the Kitten Sisters and Cueball.Alive
Talcum Freely1949Diaper mogul was killed by Sketch Paree.Dead
Johnny McKitchen1949Young child hit in a hit and run by Mousey and her father.Alive
Ted Tellum1950, 2011, 2013A vocal and annoying radio & t.v. station personality.Alive
The Forchunes1950Couple who were murdered by Mr. Plain for an inheritance.Dead
King Karl1951Also known as the carwash king.Dead
Mrs. Knox1951Wife of criminal/socialite Forston Knox who worked for "The King"Alive
Brainard Brown1951Brother of Crewy Lou who planned to kill himself and her.Dead
Marge1951A girl who inadvertantly bought a blackmail record from Spinner Record.Alive
Model Jones1952Junior's first love who struggled with her criminal brother.Dead
Rifle Ruby1952Rescued Dick Tracy from a North Woods lake after he was shot off his speedboat by Tonsils.Alive
Dr. Von Nucleus1953A doctor who works with Diet Smith. Among his other skills, Dr. Nucleus is able to cure radioactive poisoning, which he did for Susie Zonn.Alive
Chick Smithly1953Smithly went undercover for the police force to bring 3-D Magee and Pony down.Alive
George Ozone1955An old eccentric millionaire and health nut who rescued and took Mumbles in.Dead
Auntie Flattop1956Flattop's sister who took care of his son (Flattop Junior) after Flattop's death.Alive
Julie Marrlin1956Long lost sister of Lizz Worthington who ran afoul of Joe Period.Dead
Spec1956Mute ten year old girl forced to shoot her stepfather.Alive
Inga Yelma1957A champion skier and former member of the Kitten Sisters.Unknown
Morin Plenty1957A shoe heal mogul who got into trouble with the Clipso Brothers.Alive
Aunt Bett1957The aunt of the Clipso Brothers who owned a bee farm they hid out on.Dead
Claude Crystal1957Husband frozen to death by his wife Elsa for $200,000 from his firm.Dead
Miguel1958A gamecock manager who was beaten to death by Miss Egghead.Dead
Conchita1958The daughter of Miguel who suspected her father's murder.Alive
Popsie1959Daughter of Mary Jones who ran from the Hardley Syndicate with her mother and Headache.Alive
Pop MacDonald1959Farmer who the Rhodent persuaded to help pull his truck out of a creek.Dead
Fatty MacDonald1959Daughter of Pop MacDonald who identified Rhodent to the police.Alive
Matty Munkie1959Former T.V. host who lost his job and got caught up in a plot to kill Lizz.Alive
Auntie Egg1962An egg collecting farm hand who found the Brush's money.Alive
Dyne O’Matick1962Lead engineer and inventory of the Space CoupeDead
Orner Jamison1962Murdered head of the World Law Enforcement group.Dead
Editor Gomets1962Bolivian editor who promised to reveal underworld activity on the 52 Gang.Dead
Mr. Greely1962A time lapse photography hobbiest who photographed the Space Coupe.Alive
Pigskin Parson1963A football star and Olympic champion who was murdered for his heart.Dead
Mrs. Parson1963Mother of murder victim "Pigskin" Parson.Alive
The General1963A 91 year old man who received a new heart from Dr. Olga.Unknown
William Manse1964Diet Smith's attorney during the Space Era.Alive
Chet Jade1964A cartoonist of the comic strip, "Sawdust".Alive
Father Jade1964Emancipated old recluse with a guilt complex.Dead
Governor of Moon Valley1964 - 1978The Governor fo the Moon People and father of Moon MaidUnknown
Lita Flite1964An aviatrix who crashed in the Pacific in 1937.Dead
Zelda the Great1967Circus high diver and love/murder interest of Haf and HafUnknown
Mr. Cherssin1967A security official for Circling Bros. Circus.Alive
Kora Steel1967A blind woman who lived in Haf and Haf's childhood neighborhood.Alive
Laffite1967An old hound dog owned by the Steel family.Unknown
Nik Kinn1968An old carriage driver who found a hat that caused all kinds of problems.Alive
Dobbie the Horse1968Hat wearing carriage horse belonging to Nik Kinn.Alive
Addlay1968A shyster of an Insurance Adjuster.Alive
Adolph1968A wig seller who sold Tracy a hair-piece after his head was shaved.Alive
Peanutbutter Bailey197210 year old scientific genius and smart-alec addict to peanut butter sandwiches.Unknown
Stephanie Queen1983Famous horror author who lived in Mrs. B.B. Eyes former house.Alive
Carl Craven1986Boyfriend of Quiver TremblyAlive
Walter Strong1986Duped investor in the Uppward Lee-Mobile Trading company.Dead
Jake Staxx1987Murdered witness in a case against Flipside Inc.Dead
Garry Doll1987Co-hosted a radio show with Themesong.Dead
Dr. Polly Phonic1987A sound expert who works for Diet SmithAlive
A.R. Mann1987A music producer who worked with Flipside.Alive
Damill1990Movie director who directed "The Dick Tracy Story"Alive
B.U. Tiffil1990An actress who quit her part as Tess Trueheart.Alive
Max Emus2001A movie mogul accidentally killed on a 747 by a poison dart meant for Quentin Smirk. Former husband to Julian Lush and married for three months to Bootsy Bombay. Dead
Bootsy Bombay Emus2001Former B Movie actress and model, married for three months to Max Emus before his death. Alive
Peaches Flambe2001, 2004Movie actress turned show girl who twice appeared in Tracy storylines.Alive
Julian Lush2001Formerly married to Max Emus, divorced after she broke a Pre-Nuptial agreement.Alive
Jana Flug2001Airline stewardess and accidental murderer of Max Emus. Sister in law and attempted murderer of Quentin Smirk. Arrested and found killed of Manslaughter with a sentence of 10-20 years. Jailed
Monte Bank2001Bankrolled last three Max Emus pictures, two of which flopped costing him millions. Alive
Reverend Wilde Lee Righteous2001From the City Council of Churches, the Reverend has some mayoral political connections. Was briefly arrested by Tracy for the murder of the Mistress of Death but released after she was found alive. Alive
Dexter Q Snubb2002President of the English Loving Union.Alive
Fred Febbish2002Former employee of Diet Smith and manager of a project to create a Hologram Projector and Miniature TV Camera. Fred was fired for selling secrets to Heartless Mahoney.Alive
Hard Case Harry2003Jailed for armed robbery at a young age, Harry lived a hard conflicted life.Dead
Mademoiselle Maria2003A famous fashion designer, was rescued from her falling car by Dick Tracy during a terrible blizzard in 1993, and then again by Hard Case Harry when buried in the snow. Maria maintained written contact with Hard Case after the rescue. Maria operates a shop in town.Alive
Walter Skippy2003Reporter for Channel 1, Action News with an interesting Chicago link.Alive
Phil Filligree2003A wealthy socialite worth $200 million dollars, Phil was drugged by his wife and lawyer while at the beach and drowned in the ocean. Phil was a member of many charitable committees.Dead
Mendell Peas2004Soybean biofuels researcher who was mysteriously killed on his farm.Dead
Maggie Irish2004, 2005Bonnie Tracy's college roommate their freshman year at City U College.Alive
Rick Toffen2005Rick Toffen is a hotshot airline pilot who helped Tracy with a plot at the airport.Alive
G. Whizz2005Former city airport manager who's misdeads led to multiple shutdowns.Jailed
U. Crumb2005Theatrical agent who has employed actors and showmen likeVitamin Flintheart.Alive
Moonrock2005Failed stage magician who learned the secrets of hynotism.Dead
Little Rabbit2005Officer in southwest Tribal Police Force.Dead
Don Quick Oatie2005An escaped mental patient who thought he was Don QuixoteAlive
Wendy Wichel1978 - 1987, 2011, 2012, 2013A antogonistic reporter often on Tracy's cases.Alive
Baron Von KluMeister2007An aging ex-East German spy.Alive
Rachel Hennessy2007Daughter of murdered father J. Tucker Hennessy.Dead
Ms. Lease Leonard2007A Realtor who works for Eagle Point Realty Inc.Alive
J. Tucker Hennessy2007Former owner of the Hennessy mansion.Dead
Professor Ethan Noll2008, 2009A brilliant (and mad) chemist who lived next to the Tracys.Alive
King of Clubs2009Owner of a collection of casino's that were robbed.Alive
Fee Fi2009A giant circus performmer at the O'Connell CircusAlive
Della Contessa2009The fat lady at the O'Connell Circus.Alive
Smally2009A dwarf who worked at the O'Connell Circus.Alive
Mustasha2009The bearded lady at the O'Connell Circus.Alive
Cyber the Tiger2009A fierce tiger at the O'Connell Circus.Alive
Chris Shendo2010A music instrument repair man and bomb maker.Alive
Ludwig Harmonic2010A musical protege who sorely vexed his father.Dead
Phillip Harmonic2010A world famous maestro with a Stradivarius and anger issues.Alive
Sue Doko2010A secretary who worked for David D'Buckworth.Alive
Barney Dhatkham2011, 2012Owns Bedrock PC Works and sells Bootleg DVDs on the side.Alive
Earl McCarthy2011Truck driver for Flakey Biscuits who messed up a delivery.Dead
Pike2011A movie producer on the Scarlet Sting movie.Alive
Emma Parks2011A runaway enlisted by Doubleup to play Ponytail in a movie.Dead
Mina2011Dim-witted nurse and cousin to bomb maker Morning Gloria.Alive
George Decopolus2011Neighbor to the Plenty's and owner of a greenhouse.Alive
Dr. Meangreen2011A historian friend of Lee Ebony's who specializes in horror.Alive
Hank O’Hair2011A cameo from Brenda Starr, works the City Desk in another town.Alive
Vera Alldid1970, 1978, 2011Ex-husband of Sparkle Plenty.Alive
Spike Smith Jr.2012Son of Spike Smith (Spike Dyke), the zany band leader. Spike Jr. had his own band.Alive
Crachit2012Bookkeeper for Cueball in his club.Alive
Patty Cure2012A publicist who promotes celebrites.Alive
Jerry King2012A former wrestler and commentator and general good guy.Alive
Mr. Wormsworth2012The reprehensible president of Whole Sum Bank & Trust.Alive
Hotshot Charlie2012A cameo character who runs a small aviation service with Wingy Plenty.Alive
Bogart da Roach2012A bum and street informant for Dick Tracy.Alive
Lisa McGuire2012A reporter for SBN news who filmed the first Moon Maid returns footage.Alive
Arthur Curry2012The City Aquarium director, killed by Phishface.Dead
Astor2012A friend of Honeymoon Tracy's.Alive
Mr. Sweetrose2013Works for Molemann Mineral company.Alive
Olive (and Popeye)2013A pair of love-birds who spent time with the Tracy's on a fishing trip.Alive
Coffee2014Vitamin Flintheart's financial adviser.Alive
2014Vitamin Flintheart's assistant.Alive
2014On Stage! personality Mary Perkins cameo'd in Dick Tracy this year.Alive

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