Mary Steele

Junior Tracy’s biological mother, Mary Steele ran away from her husband Hank with a prospector named Steve Brogan when Junior was very young.  At some point soon after she left Steve, who kept the boy who of course was later adopted by Dick Tracy.  When Hank Steele was killed by Stooge Viller, Mary was given $25,000 in a will which Larceny Lu attempted to swindle.  In a later flashback storyline Mary was shown to be instrumental in stopping Boris and Nora Arson.

Mary vanished for a number of years, re-appearing as an elderly woman in 1961, working as a nanny for two small children in a home next to the golf course.  Prior to a tragedy, she observed Junior doing police work in the area and recognized him as the youth she had given up.  Mary was sadly killed when an errant golf ball struck her head.  The killer, Tommy McConny attempted to hide from the police due to a previous record but would later die in an accident of his own making.  After Mary’s passing, Tracy kept the details of who she really was from Junior but soon after Tracy noticed a wreath had been placed on her grave.  It is never stated, but is assumed that Junior left the wreath.

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