A.R. Mann

ARMannA.R. Mann was a music producer who worked with Flipside of Flipside Inc.  While Flipside himself was a criminal, Mann was simply a music producer with no criminal motivations.  Flipside brough Mann in to record Sparkle Plenty’s oldies, re-imagined.  While Sparkle and Mann were recording their tracks, the wanted Stereo Brothers came in to talk to Flipside and the two over heard and recorded them talk about killing the D.J. Themesong.  Sparkle would call Dick Tracy with the plans, and she and Mann delayed Flipside for the duration of their recording session until Flipside found out what they had recorded.  He then knocked Mann unconscious before taking Sparkle hostage when Tracy arrived.  Mann would be out cold for the remainder of the fight, which resulted in Flipside’s death.

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