Auntie Egg

When the Brush fled with a million dollars in an old laundry truck, he almost collided with a vehicle hauling a horse trailer.  As a result, bags containing towels on the top of the truck fell to the ground and one bag with money fell into the back of the horse trailer. The driver of the horse trailer continued to the farm of Mr. & Mrs. Grazer who are boarding the horse while the owner goes to Europe. After the horse is removed from the trailer, the bag, believed to contain just bedding with the horse.

Mr. and Mrs. Grazer lived on the farm with their two sons and an older woman who is only referred to as “Auntie”.  Auntie cared for the eggs laid by chickens and almost immediately, it is noticed that the chickens are roosting on the bag and laying their eggs. She takes the bag from the trailer and discovers the money inside.  Without a word to anyone about the contents, she moved the bag to the loft of the barn and spent many hours counting the money. Using detective work, Tracy & Sam check properties in that area, but get little co-operation particularly from “Auntie”. Lizz is placed undercover on Grazer farm, claiming she was hurt in an accident on the road in front. Lizz soon notices green stains on an apron that has been worn by “Auntie” as she was counting the money and at headquarters Tracy deduces the stains came from the money.

In the meantime, “Auntie” has been spending some of the found money for things such as a radio and a new hat. She claims she has just been spending her “egg money” but all of this is noticed by the local store keeper John Hoedy where “Auntie” sells the eggs laid by the chickens. Lizz soon finds that “Auntie” has placed the bag with the money in the barn loft. However, as she is leaving the loft, she falls on the ladder and is discovered by “Auntie” who takes her revolver and its bullets and moves the money to another location in the barn. “Auntie” leaves the barn, but is met by Hoedy and his nephew who have come to take the money. Hoedy and his nephew threaten “Auntie” and find the money in its new location while Lizz (who was just stunned but pretends to be unconscious) fires a derringer at the nephew. The shot misses, but stops him from hurting “Auntie”. The nephew tries to shoot Lizz, she fires the remaining shot from the derringer, striking him between the eyes and killing him instantly.

Hoedy starts to tussle with “Auntie” and Lizz goes after him. Suddenly, Tracy & Sam appear at the door of the barn with guns drawn. Tracy advises Lizz that she has left her two-way wrist radio in the transmit position since calling him early that morning. “Auntie” and Hoedy are taken to police headquarters where he is charged with robbery and attempt to kill. “Auntie” admits finding and spending a small portion of the money, promises to replay it and appears to avoid any charges. Police personnel start counting the money in the bag. It is never further mentioned what happens to it although Tracy had previously indicated the courts will have to decide what happens with it.

Special Thanks to John Perin for this story.

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