Barney Dhatkham

BarneyDhakhamBarney Dhatkham is the owner of Bedrock PC Works, a computer company that sells electronics, used DVDs and dabbles on the side with bootleg videos.  Barney was also a fan and collector of Flintstones material.

Sam Catchem and Dick Tracy are aware of Barney’s bootlegging but have so far let him slide because he provides great leads to more dangerous criminals.  When Ed Garcia stole plans for a top secret beam weapon from Diet Smith, Sam talked to Barney to confirm Garcia’s role and get a tail on the criminal.

Honeymoon Tracy frequents Bedrock PC Works on occasion and found a “The Making of the Scarlet Sting” DVD starring Dick Tracy.  This was an unauthorized video which Honeymoon took to her grandfather.  Tracy sent Honeymoon back to get another copy and cleverly get a look at the shipping label so they could track down the DVD producer.  The producer was Bea Bea Entertainment, run by long time criminal, B-B Eyes.

Barney continues to be a source of information when it comes to technological crime for Sam Catchem.  While searching down a villain by the name of Phishface, Sam sought Barney’s help, implying he needed assistance recovering a hard drive.  This lead to Phishface’s favorite lunch spot would lead to another arrest.

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