Baron Von KluMeister

Baron Von KluMeister is an old, mostly blind East German spy who travelled to America with his granddaughter, Gretchen to seemingly escape the clutches of  Soviet agents seeking to silence him.  Unbeknownst to the Baron, Gretchen was in league with a faction of Soviet spies intent on harming America and she planned to use her grandfather to distract the CIA. On arrival in America, Gretchen was “kidnapped” by Russian agents and while Dick Tracy and the CIA planned a swap to retrieve her, the Baron’s old Cold War mental programming kicked in and he went in search of an old bomb, which he then tried to deliver to the Pentagon.  Gently turned away from the door by guards, KluMeister sought another target, the Washington D.C. Rotunda, which was the same public site Gretchen and her cohorts were targeting.  Seeing her grandfather and the old bomb, Gretchen grabbed the explosive, intending to plant it in the Rotunda, but Baron Von KluMeister had already activated it and the package exploded early, killing Gretchen. The Baron was confused and heartbroken by the events and U.S. Government determined he was now harmless and deported him back to Germany.

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