Chet Jade

ChetJadeChet Jade was a cartoonist and the creator of a comic strip called Sawdust meeting Dick Tracy during the prime of the Moon Era in 1964.  Chet, who was a bit loopy, had a team consisting of “four of the best artists in the world”, each drawing one panel of his daily comic strip.  The comic strip was only drawn with dots, i.e. pieces of sawdust that bantered back and forth with eye rolling jokes. Chet was obviously a caricature of Chester Gould himself and his artist team likely had some resemblance to his actual team.

Dick Tracy met the cartoonist after a body was found growing inside a tree.  Tracy determined the tree was part of a former tree nursery and was probably repaired from a split to hide the body.  Chet’s father was once a partner who owned the nursery along with a man named Smitz, but both were assumed dead.  In fact, after investigation, Dick discovered Chet’s father was in fact living in the attic of the family mansion, having been in guilty seclusion ever since he drunkenly killed Smitz during an argument and persuaded his young son to help him hide the body.  The old father Jade admitted to his crime, but after he mentioned Smitz attacked him with a knife, Tracy determined the murder was in self-defense.  Regardless, Chet’s father died naturally after telling his tale and Chet and his team returned to work.


Chester Gould and his Gang

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