Christmas Early

ChristmasEarlyFirst appearing in 1946, Christmas Early was a popular radio show host that was broadcast nationally out of Dick Tracy’s city.  The villain Gargles became fixed on Christmas Early and sent her unwanted fan letters.  While Christmas was on a date with George Empire, Gargles snuck up behind George and knocked him out.  Empire’s head became wedged in a revolving door and he choked to death.

Initially Christmas was suspected for the death but Tracy believed she was innocent and in talking with her he realized her stalker must have been the killer.  Early and Tracy set a trap for Gargles but the foe would escape the sting.  Several of his associates were shot.

Gargles rented a room from the mother of Themesong and later shot the mother when he feared she had learned his identity. Christmas learned of this and felt awful for the young girl and arranged to have Themesong on her radio show, where Themesong pleaded for Gargles to give himself up.

Gargles heard the broadcast and panicked. Other citizens recognized Gargles from the description that Themesong provided and alerted the police to his whereabouts. Gargles was eventually killed while trying evade custody, and with his last breath he exonerated Christmas of any wrongdoing in connection with George Empire’s death. Christmas Early adopted Themesong and asked Vitamin Flintheart to be the young street musician’s music tutor.  Themesong would later grow up to be a well known pop artist.

In 2011, Christmas Early reappeared, hiring Tracy to judge a movie make-up contest for a the television show, “Make-up Meltdown” on the Efexx Network.  The contestants were expected to make themselves up to resemble Dick Tracy foes and the show’s other judge was Putty Puss, who was granted furlough from prison to judge.

Christmas Early reappeared on December 3, 2011. Early hired Tracy to judge a movie make-up contest, “Makeup Meltdown”, for the Effexx Network. The contestants were expected to make themselves up to resemble Dick Tracy foes. The show’s other judge turned out to be Putty Puss, who had been granted a furlough from prison to take part. Putty Puss, disguised as Flattop attempted to kill Tracy during the show and would then escape custody.

Two years Dick Tracy was asked by Mayor Armstrong to do a SBN special hosted by Christmas Early and Wendy Wichel.  The Mayor hoped to re-establish public trust in the city government following the Simon Baux and Lt. Teevo scandals.  Remembering the Putty Puss incident, Tracy was uneasy about the interview but of course carried on.  Christmas made the special a nice day for Detective Tracy, asking him softball questions about his family and favorite things while bringing in several rarely seen family members like daughter Bonnie and Uncle Ray Tracy.  The interview was finalized with Junior and Sparkle’s announcement of a new grand baby on the way.  The special ran long and Wendy Wichel’s segment was cut.

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