DamillDamill was a cool looking film director who filmed “The Dick Tracy Story” in 1990, a movie about the violent yet exciting life of Dick Tracy.  When the actor playing Dick Tracy had an allergic reaction to his make-up, Damill approached Tracy with an offer to play himself for a cool one million dollars.  Initially Dick refused, but Tess convinced him to take the part.  On the set, a series of dangerous accidents began to occur.  At first, Damill considered them accidents, but after a light fell and put the actress Fame (who was playing Tess Trueheart) in the hospital, he realized they had a saboteur on their hands.  Mumbles, who had brought in as a special consultant took the opportunity to try to blackmail Damill, but Tracy and Jim Trailer quickly caught on to the repeat offenders scheme and put him back in jail.  While filming the final scene of the movie, Haf and Haf revealed himself as the saboteur and took a sword to Tracy.  Dick was able to talk his way out of the situation, appealing to Haf and Haf’s ego and the psychotic joined Mumbles in jail.

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