Don Quick Oatie

Officially registered as mental patient #245 of the Leafy Dale Asylum, Don Quick Oatie took his moniker after watching the Don Quixote film Man of La Mancha far to many times.  Don Quick Oatie escaped his asylum with a suit of armor and a broom as his lance, found a horse in the country-side and took B.O. Plenty on as his Sancho Panza sidekick.  Quick Oatie them roamed along the coastline, attacking windmill advertisements and coming across a large wind farm.  A tanker truck belonging to the wanna be criminal Oily was stealing oil from a refinery pipeline and Quick Oatie attacked the “dragon”, cutting its break line.  The tanker truck would crash into an auto garage, allowing a captured Lizz and Dick Tracy to escape into the garage while Oily and his gang searched the building looking for them.  Riding to the rescue, our hapless hero speared an electrical box with his broom, starting a fire which allowed Dick and Lizz to escape safely.

Don Quick Oatie saw this as yet another failure, however, and rode off despondently into the country-side on his own.  Coming across the giant wind turbine farm again, Don attacked the closest turbine which happened to be the hiding spot of the criminals Oily and Slick.  Quick Oatie became caught on a blade and was whirled around.  The lawyer Slick climbed out on to the turbine engine to investigate the sounds and slipped and fell to his death on a service building.  Another electrical fire was started and in the heavy blaze the turbine fell, killing Oily and slinging Don Quick Oatie off into the snow where his horse found him and carried him to safety back at the Leafy Dale Asylum.  Exhausted from the ordeal, Don Quick Oatie returned to his bed, but not after Dick Tracy had a chance to visit and thank him for saving his life.


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