Dyne O’Matick

DyneOMatickDyne O’Matick is the lead inventor, engineer and designer of Diet Smith’s famous Space Coupe.  In Diet’s own words, Dyne “is the most advanced brain in the space world.”  In addition to his engineering duties, Dyne was the primary test pilot of the Coupe and shortly after its creation he was kidnapped at knife point by the King of Spades and two other members of the 52 gang.  The gang forced Dyne to pilot the Space Coupe while they disposed of several enemies in spectacular manner which included putting the head of the World Law Enforcement group, Orner Jamison in orbit.

Despite being held captive, Dyne consistently talked back to the gang members and it appears he felt some guilt for piloting the vessel which allowed these crimes to take place.  After the rash of murders, the 52 Gang took some time to rest on a mesa plateau where Dyne continued to be held captive.  Dick Tracy, who was trying to find the Space Coupe was able to track down the gang to this plateau and infiltrated the festive hideout.  Tracy hide away on the Space Coupe When the gang’s leader, Ace of Spades and the King of Spades forced Dyne to take them to Hong Kong on business.  During a fight inside the Coupe, the King of Spades was jettisoned into orbit and the Ace of Spades was taken captive.  The remainder of the gang were killed in a bloody gun fight and fire on the gang’s plateau.

After the rescue, Dyne continued to pilot the Space Coupe, helping Diet and Tracy track down the orbiting body of Orner Jamison and bringing it back to Earth.  He then assisted the pair in spreading some holiday cheer.

Many years later after yet another attempt to steal a Space Coupe, Diet Smith purged the remaining Moon Technology to prevent it from falling into the wrong hands.  At that time, Diet commented that Dyne had died several years ago and that Dyne alone was able to re-create the Space Coupe.

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