Fee Fi

FeeFiFee Fi was the giant at the O’Connell Circus which Tess, Dick and Bonnie Tracy visited during a 2009 story. Despite his size, Fee Fi was not violent but was one of many suspects after Louise Trapeze was shot dead during her act.  It was soon revealed the ringmaster, Ringo had been blackmailing the majority of the circus and most of the troupe wanted revenge with clown Mr. Pops leading the charge.  When Dick Tracy and FBI Agent Ennen were trapped in a tiger cage, Fee Fi heroically held the tail of the tiger while Della Contessa rescued them from the cage.  When Mr. Pops climbed on top of the tiger cage and fired upon Dick Tracy, Fee Fi grabbed Pops.  The clown shot Fee Fi who then dropped him into the cage.  Mr. Pops was later arrested and Fee Fi, though critically wounded would make a recovery.

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