George Decopolus


George after his stroke, cared for by nurse Mina

George Decopolus is the owner of the “Say it With Flowers” Greenhouse which is next door to Sunny Dell Acres, the home of Gravel Gertie and B.O. Plenty.  When first introduced, George employed Gravel Gertie after she was released from prison following her first run in with Dick Tracy.  Gravel worked for George for a year and during this time she met her future husband.

Years later, George suffered a debilitating stroke and his niece came to take care of him and the greenhouse.  That niece may have been either Morning Gloria, who took over the greenhouse operations or her dimwitted cousin, Mina, a nurse who took care of George.  In either case, it turned out Gloria was a bomb maker wanted by the FBI for over twenty years and she used the greenhouse as a front to make fertilizer bombs.

Dick Tracy and Lizz Worthington eventually served a warrant on “Say it With Flowers” and arrested Morning Gloria after a fight.  Mina was not arrested, having switched sides and been mentally dominated by her cousin.  After this Gravel Gertie took over caring for George.

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