George “Pop” Wheaton

PopWheatonGeorge Wheaton is a corn and dairy farmer outside Dick Tracy’s city who first appeared in the 1943 88 Keyes storyline.  When the fugitive piano player Keyes applied for work at an employment agency, Wheaton hired him on to help with the farm.  George lived on his farm with his wife, son and daughter Nellie.  88 Keyes lack of farming ability and habit of skipping duties to play the family organ annoyed Mr. Wheaton who also disapproved of daughter Nellie’s infatuation with Keyes.

When Detective Tracy tracked the fugitive to Wheaton’s farm, George cooperated with inquiries but became upset when Nellie stowed away in the family car when Keyes escaped.  Nellie quickly figured out that Keyes was a “real crook” and crashed the car to escape and her Pop was much relieved at her return.

A number of years later, while suffering from amnesia after a zap from Mysta Chimera, Sparkle Plenty fell in to George’s pickup truck.  Finding the young woman, he and his daughter Nellie (his wife having passed) took Sparkle in.  Not long after, Mysta showed up herself, sleeping in a car near the farm.  Mysta was upset and running from Doctor’s Sail and Zy Ghote, thinking herself Moon Maid.  Calling herself Mindy, she also joined the Wheaton farm.

George was approached by Hy Pressure, who worked for the criminal organization the Apparatus.  Pressure strong armed George, pushing him to sell the mineral rights to his land.  Wheaton resisted until his daughter was threatened.  Mysta overheard this predicament and left to help.  During the meantime, Junior found Sparkle on the farm and her memory returned.  Mysta ended up telling Dick Tracy everything and Tracy returned to run a sting operation of Hy Pressure.  Occurring in the middle of a storm, the sting worked, but chaos erupted when enforcers from the Apparatus watching Pressure ran afoul with those of the competing Consortium who were there in a plot to steal the Space Coupe.  In a complex situation that will not be repeated here (see instead our 2013 Storylines), the situation was battled and finalized.  Sparkle and Mysta went their separate ways and Pop and Nellie returned to normal life.


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