George Tawara

GeorgeTawaraColorGeorge Tawara is an actor in the Dick Tracy universe and an American of Japanese heritage who was interred in an Internment Camp named Camp Freedom during World War II when he was a child with his parents.  This camp was later covered by Lake Freedom, but when the dam to the lake underwent repairs it was drained, revealing the camp to explorers.  A locked box was found with a murder confession and Tracy sought out George’s help on the Internment Camp.  Later, the actual murderer, Simon Baux (Sweatbox) forced George to take the fall for the murders, not thinking that Tawara was only 7 years old at the time. George had a partner named Brad.

This character is modelled after George Takei, famous for portraying Mr. Sulu in the original Star Trek. During his childhood, George was indeed interned at an Internment Camp during World War II.  You can read a Dick Tracy Depot post about the camps here.  George has lived an interesting life, his autobiography to the right is a great read.


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