Jean Penfield

Jean Penfield was a beautiful young writer determined to publish a book on organized crime.  Jean followed up her interview of Big Boy with an interview of Jimmy White after bailing him out of jail.  After goading by Jimmy’s lawyer Spaldoni, Jimmy stole a couple pages of her manuscript and learned that she planned to publish names and details on Big Boy’s organization.  Big Boy demanded Jimmy and Spaldoni take out Penfield, but their attempts were foiled by Dick Tracy.  Jimmy White made final attempt to kill Jean before leaving town and the two crashed Penfield’s car into a fuel barrel.  Jimmy was incinerated in the crash while Jean escaped.

After the car crash Jean was thought dead and went into hiding.  She disguised herself as a cleaning lady at the News Globe paper office and wrote revealing stories at night about the underworld that Globe editor Matt Page published.  Tracy, who suspected Jean was alive tried to protect Page from the men who worked for boss Alderman Zeld and during a fight in the newspaper offices Jean revealed herself while helping the overwhelmed detective.

A year later Jean was shot and killed by Ben Spaldoni who attempted to pin the murder on Tess Trueheart.  Jean’s father was good friends with Chief Brandon.

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