Kora Steel

KoraSteelIn the 1930’s, Mrs. Kora Steel lived in the same neighborhood as Tulza Tuzon, the man who would later become Haf and Haf.  Tuzon mowed the lawn for her before he went drifted off and was scarred in World War 2 before joining the circus.  During that time Mrs. Steel’s husband died and they agreed she would lock the door to his room on his death, so that they could avoid an inheritance tax.  Mrs. Steel went blind soon after. In 1967 when Tuzon was on the run from Tracy he returned to his hometown and approached Mrs. Steel, asking to be her Butler.  At the time, she had nobody but her old hound dog, Laffite and she agreed and began showing affection towards Tulza.  Haf and Haf returned the affection while trying to sneak into the locked room containing her husband.  He was convinced her riches were hidden in the room, but instead he fell down a trap door and accidentally dragged Kora with him.  The two ended up in a tunnel and there seemed to fall in love.  Haf and Haf for his part was faking, only wanting her money.  He led her to a con-man named Palm Bucker and got him to perform a fake wedding for the two.  During the wedding, Dick Tracy and Sam showed up, having finally tracked the fiend down with the help of the hound dog.  Tracy revealed Haf and Haf’s intentions to Mrs. Steel while the old lady admitted to avoiding inheritance tax.  It’s unclear if Mrs. Steel was turned in for this crime.

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