Lita Flite

In 1937 Lita Flite was an aviatrix who was circumnavigating the globe and also carrying secret government documents.  While over the Pacific ocean Lita’s plane was intercepted by a fighter plane flown by a pilot named Trinka who was working for Eric Von Rhino’s spy ring.  Lita was shot down, her plane lost.  Trinka then radioed in a distress call, posing as Lita and claiming she had run out of fuel.  Trinka’s own plane later crashed in the arctic en route to a European country (probably Germany).

In 1964 the wreckage of Trinka’s plane was found, along with her body encased in ice.  At first it was thought the remains belonged to Lita Flite, but after an investigation that ended in the death of Von Rhino, Tracy determined the truth of the matter.

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