Little Rabbit

Officer William Little Rabbit worked with Sergeant Joe High Eagle in the Tribal Police force on a reservation somewhere in the southwest. Little Rabbit met Dick Tracy when the illustrious detective was visiting on vacation with his wife Tess. Tracy and Joe High Eagle spent time investigating suspicious criminal activity perpetuated by Little Rabbit at the encouragement of a respected tribal Shaman who preached returning to the old ways. Little Rabbit would eventually kill another Native American named John Coyote in an attempt to scare off local casino business. He would also take shots at Tess and Dick in the hotel after which he was tasered by Tracy out in the hills. Jailed, Little Rabbit refused to talk but soon figured out he had been duped by the Shaman, who was in fact quite modern and hoping to get rich with corrupt developer Mr. Sprawl. Escaping jail, Little Rabbit confronted the Shaman on the slopes outside the casino and the two shot each other to death.

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