Ludwig Harmonic

Ludwig HarmonicLudwig Harmonic was the son of world-famous maestro, Phillip Harmonic.  Ludwig was forced by his abusive father to learn music and play the violin for his father’s orchestra.  Ludwig secretly desired to play rock and when an opportunity presented itself he sold his father’s prized Stradivarius violin for $2 million to Virgil Ohso.  Little did Ludwig know, Virgil planned to use the Stradivarius to hide a bomb intending to kill a new ambassador.

The maestro was furious with Ludwig, threatening to kill him but Ludwig ignored the threat and simply left, changing his name to Kid Vicious and naming the band “The Ringtones”.  The band produced a CD that was well received and they were invited to the ambassador’s gala to play at the same time his father’s orchestra was to play.  Neither act had time to perform because of Virgil Ohso’s bomb attempt.  Tracy intercepted the bomb laden Stradivarius and threw it into a swimming pool where it exploded.

The building was evacuated and outside Ludwig saw Virgil Ohso and the thug Low Note watching their handiwork.  Ludwig knew Viril was responsible for the bombing and confronted him.  Virgil pulled a gun and Ludwig’s father approached in a fury, threatening to kill his son, unaware of the weapon.  Ludwig pushed himself in front of his father as Virgil fired and was killed saving his dad.  Virgil was then shot and captured by Dick Tracy.  In memory of Ludwig, Phillip Harmonic later performed at a memorial with the other members of the Ringtones.

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