Mary Perkins

MaryPerkinsOn Stage starring actress Mary Perkins first appeared in January 2014 when she was introduced as Vitamin Flintheart‘s costar in a Patterson Playhouse production of King Lear. Mary was revealed to be a friend to both Vitamin and Dick Tracy, all three having shared “print” at one time or another in the past.

When Vitamin learned Silver Nitrate had a piece of long-lost Captain Video film that featured his very first film role, Mary joined Vitamin in visiting Silver and his sister Sprocket downtown at the Lyric Theater. Silver provided Vitamin with a sample and asked for $300,000 to make the full film restoration. Vitamin was extremely excited and notified his financial manager but Mary had her doubts and urges him to take more time.

Approaching Dick Tracy, Ms. Perkins tells the detective she recognized an actor in the supposed, “lost” video as Miles Mycroft. She fears Vitamin is being swindled and she is right. Having done what she could, Mary gracefully faded out of the story although she would appear on stage with Vitamin during a later live performance.

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