Moonrock was introduced as a washed up stage magician who bought a book on hypnotism and began employing his new skills with amazing results.  Released convicts Cy Chotic and Scratchy forced Moonrock mesmerize audiences while they stole from them.  After several successful robberies Cy and Scratchy targetted a Police benefit show that was in a fact a trap to catch the conspirators.  Cy Chotic was killed in a shootout while Scratchy was arrested and Moonrock slipped away in the confusion.

Upset at what he was forced to do, Moonrock began approaching crooks through-out the city and hynotizing mesmerizing the hoodlumns to turn thetmselves in.  Nearly a hundred wanted men turned themselves in before a crime boss hired two hitmen to assassinate Moonrock in a bar.  Sadly the hit was successful.

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