Morin Plenty

A show heel mogul who uncovered a scam by the Clipso brothers to sell him a useless piece of machinery.  When Morin found out, the brothers spend off and the machine fell and crushed his wife.  Soon after the Clipso brothers and their Aunt Bett were found shot and Morin was the primary suspect until Tracy found and arrested the real gunman, Mrs. Setton.

We don’t know if Morin Plenty was related to the Plenty family.

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  1. DAVID OLIVER says:

    Morin Plenty was B.O. Plenty’s father, but they were estranged for some reason. One episode shows Morin attempting to reconcile, but B.O. would have none of it, even 60 years later. I don’t recall if there was followup in which they did forgive and forget bygones. Anyway, that’s the way I remember it.
    Morin’s wife was Blossom Plenty, and she was always barefoot perhaps because her feet were huge and might have been too big to fit with a normal shoe.

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