Patty Cure

PattyCurePatty Cure is a publicist who, while good at her job often spent a great deal of the time getting pedicures.  In 2012, she worked with a troublesome professional wrestler named Thunderchild and arranged a special “Circle of Steel” event to raise money for the homeless living in the Mole’s old underground hotel.  She talked to the Mole on the subject, but went ahead with her plan without his initial consent, angering the reformed villain.  While Patty was aware of Thunderchild’s violent and greedy tendencies, she still let her attention lapse and the wrestler stole the money intended for the homeless.  When she accused Thunderchild of the theft, he grew angry and broke her leg before storming off to his wrestling match.  Patty Cure called Dick Tracy, and the cops and the Mole all converged on Locher Auditorium where after a some violent excitement, the wrestler was subdued and arrested.

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