Phillip Harmonic

PhillipHarmonicPhillip Harmonic was a world-famous maestro with a son Ludwig whom he pushed and abused to play in his orchestra.  Ludwig eventually became fed up with his father and stole his prized Stradivarius violin and sold it to Virgil Ohso for $2 million.  Phillip was furious and repeatedly threatened to kill his son who ran off and formed a rock band called the Ringtones.

The prized Stradivarius was soon returned to Phillip and unknown to the maestro it now carried a bomb which Virgil hoped would kill the new ambassador at a gala Harmonic was scheduled to perform at.  Ludwig’s new band was also scheduled to perform and the two confronted each other once again at the show when Dick Tracy, who deduced the bomb in the violin grabbed the instrument and threw it into a swimming pool where it detonated.

Outside the embassy, Virgil Ohso was watching the chaos of the evacuation when he was confronted by Ludwig Harmonic. Phillip barraged into the situation, threatening to kill his son again, unaware Virgil had produced a gun.  His son saw the weapon and pushed himself in front of his father just as Virgil fired, sacrificing himself.  Dick Tracy shot Virgil and arrested him and Phillip wept over the death of his son.  In memory of the boy, Phillip went on to perform with the Ringtones at a memorial.

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