“Pop” Gaines

Owner a health resort visited by Dick Tracy after a poisoning.  One of Pop’s lakes was used by Rono “Nails” Wolley to exchange stolen jewelry.  Pop helps Tracy observe until he learns that his son Mickey is involved and then he tries to burn the evidence of the gang. Tracy confronts Pop and gets him to help capture local health resort resident and gang leader, Nails Wolley.  Pop’s son ran off before the arrest of Wolley and Gaines again helped Tracy with tracking down Mickey’s new boss Scardol.  Scardol shoots Pop and captures both him and Tracy, preparing to bury them in concrete.  In a change of heart, Mickey helps free the two and Scardol is the one to die instead.  After the excitement Mickey saves Pop’s life by giving him with a blood transfusion.

Note: May also be named “Pop” Warner.

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