Professor Ethan Noll

EthanNollEthan Noll was a brilliant scientist who used to teach chemistry at an Iowa college before coming to work with Diet Smith. Ethan was also slightly mad and prone to confusion, his work often resulted in explosions.  This habit put him on the CIA watch list.  Noll eventually quit working for Diet Smith to do his work solo, and he moved next to the Tracy’s.  There he partnered with Tess Tracy and a couple of women from the neighborhood to produce perfume.  At the same time, Noll also was working on a new high-octane gasoline formula for a woman named Angelorious.  Mix ups again led to at least one explosion in his home.  When he was finished, Noll gave Tess the gasoline formula as perfume and Angelorious the perfume.  Angelorious did not know the difference at the time and shot the chemist rather than paying him. Luckily Noll was wearing a solid medical wrap across his chest and he survived the gunshot.  Tracy arrived and waited for Angelorious to return to Ethan’s house once she learned she had the wrong formula, and return she did.  Tracy splashed her face with the gasoline compound and when she fled blindly in a car he gave chase.  Angelorious did not survive the car chase, her vehicle flipped and exploded.  In the wrap up, Noll went on to be rich, selling his new gasoline formula while the perfume business fell apart

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