Spike Dyke (Smith)

SpikeDykeSpike Dyke was a zany bandleader, who helped Tracy track down Sketch Paree, a clothing designer and vengeful murderer.  When Sketch learned of Spike’s involvement with police he tried to kill him during a show but Dick Tracy, who was hidden in Spike’s band shot Sketch dead first.  The watching crowd thought the shooting was part of the show.

Spike later briefly accepted the Kitten Sisters into his travelling show before going to the police.  The sisters took Spike hostage and fled in his car.  Spike was later released and the Sisters arrested.  Spike Dyke is modeled after Spike Jones who hosted The Spike Jones Show.

In 2012, Spike returned using the name Spike Smith, no doubt because of the modern connotations of the last name.  Spike now had a son, Spike Jr. who toured with his own band, Son of Spike.  Spike Jr. ran into some trouble at the local club, Cueball’s and Spike asked Dick Tracy to help his son out.  At the time, Spike told Honeymoon Tracy that he and his son didn’t talk much, but he helped her get an autograph.

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