Spike Smith Jr.

SpikeSmithJrSpike Smith Jr. is the son of Spike Smith (formerly Spike Dyke), a zany band leader who has taken part in several Dick Tracy cases.  Spike Jr. has followed in his dad’s footsteps, creating a band called the “Son of Spike.”

In 2012, Son of Spike performed at the local club, Cueball’s, which his father heard used visiting bands to smuggle drugs.  Spike Sr. asked Dick Tracy to watch out for his son, the two of them not often talking these days.  Dick and his team attended several of Son of Spike’s shows at Cueball’s and when Putty Puss attempted to rob the joint, triggering a shootout, Spike Jr. used fake stage gunfire and loud music to keep the crowd from panicking.  He and his father also seemed to reconcile a bit, taking time out together to sign an autograph for Honeymoon Tracy.


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