Stellaluna and Retik

RetikStellalunaTotheMoonThe brother/sister team of Retik and Stellaluna were first introduced as minders and caretakers of a masked Moon Maid many years after Moon Maids death in a car bomb. The parent’s of the pair worked to make colonization of the Moon before the Moon Governor banished all humans from Luna. Retik and Stellaluna carried on their parents work and lectured on the subject whenever possible.

When Dr. Sail and Dr. Zy Ghote contacted them claiming to have recreated Moon Maid, they agreed to help Mysta (Moon Maid) in her recovery. The doctors promised Stellaluna and Retik would be allowed to go to Moon Valley as emissaries of Earth when Mysta was returned to her people.

Mysta proved to be a handful for the pair to handle. She snuck out constantly to test her powers as a crime fighter and to gather information on her husband (Junior Tracy) and daughter Honeymoon. Things began to come to a head when Mysta’s surgical mask finally came off and all five and a mysterious Mr. Bardoll visited Diet Smith, hoping to return to the Moon. In Smith’s facility, Bardoll slipped away to steal Space Coupe and killed a security guard in the attempt. Retik and Stellaluna realized they were being used and helped Mysta escape in the confusion. After the Space Coupe was protected, Retik and Stellaluna volunteered everything they knew to the major crimes unit.

Mysta spent some time on her own and later ended up on George Wheaton’s farm, the center point of a future conflict between two criminal organizations and the police. When Mysta’s powers began to fail her, she sought help from Stellaluna and Retik and the pair convinced her to come clean with Dick Tracy.

StellaLunaRetikStellaluna and Retik went their own way and were not involved in the Wheaton farm climax but did return to find out Mysta was not in fact the original Moon Maid, but a brainwashed and DNA modified Glenna Ermine. Glenna choose to remain as Mysta “Chimera”, the only personality she could remember and Diet asked the two to help Mysta adapt to her new life.

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