Stephanie Queen

StephanieQueenStephanie Queen was a horror novelist modelled after Stephen King who’s latest book, “Terror Tale” was a national best-seller. Stephanie purchased the former home of Mrs. B-B Eyes, the home where the vengeful widow and Itchy Oliver held and attempted to starve Dick Tracy to death. Itchy and B-B Eyes were rumored to have hidden $100,000 in the home and their brothers, Twitchy and B.D. Eyes decided to make Ms. Queen think the house was haunted by the ghost of Itchy Oliver using video projectors and holograms.  Stephanie believed in the haunting, but rather than just leave, she hired Dick Tracy and Johnny Adonis to get rid of her ghost.

Tracy of course doesn’t believe in spooks and quickly determined that Queen’s  live in butler, B.D. Smythe was not who he said he was and he and Johnny laid a trap for the two crooks.  When Twitchy and B.D. Eyes next tried to scare Stephanie out of her home, Johnny and Dick jumped the pair and arrested them.  During the wrap up, Stephanie told Twitchy she had already found the hidden $100,000.  Many years later after B-B Eyes returned, he mentioned the $100,000 found by Ms. Queen was in fact counterfeit and the real money was still hidden in the house in case he needed it.

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