Ted Tellum

TedTellumTed Tellum was a confrontational radio station personality who was first introduced by Chester Gould during the chase for Wormy, who interrupted Tracy’s honeymoon.  Tellum was nearly killed by Wormy.  By the early 50s Tellum had graduated to TV variety shows and Little Sparkle Plenty was featured on his show.  Tracy described Tellum as a troublemaker, taking risks with lives in return for ratings.

In 2011 Tellum was again hosting a talk radio show for the Schrecker Network (SBN) and when bomb maker Morning Gloria heard his rants on the radio she dumped two terrorist bodies in his car stall.  Tellum panicked when he found the bodies and dumped them in a sewer and had the vehicle impounded.  Ted then went a little nuts, drinking and taking prescription and non-prescription pills on air while raving about terrorists.  Of course this blew up in his face when Dick Tracy came to ask some questions and the broadcaster was arrested on drug charges.  He was released and forced into rehab by Mr. Schrecker.  During the 2013 Jumbler story, Tellum was again reporting for SBN as part of the Madrigal Days festival.

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