ThemesongDick Tracy first met Themesong as a young girl who sang popular songs on the street corners, distracting listeners while her father Roach picked pockets for a criminal named Shoulders.  When Dick Tracy’s pocket was picked, he began to investigate the ring and Shoulders killed Roach for drawing the attention of the cops.  Tracy asked Themesong to testify against Shoulders but she refused, afraid for her mother.  Dick began using a short wave radio broadcast into Themesong’s radio, acting as the girls conscience.  Themesong bought it and decided to testify but was shot first by Shoulders.

The young musician would recover, but her troubles continued.  The hoodlum Gargles rented a room from Themesong’s mother, who discovered Gargles was a fugitive from justice and shot her, leaving the young girl an orphan.  Christmas Early, a popular radio personality recruited Themesong to come on her program and persuade Gargles to give himself up.  The plea was ignored and Gargles was later killed trying to evade the police. Themesong became the ward of Christmas Early who persuaded Vitamin Flintheart to be her tutor during the Influence storyline.

Years later, we learned Themesong graduated college with a major in broadcast journalism and had a radio show on WHUB, co-hosting a popular evening broadcast with Garry Doll.  A criminal named Flipside ran a record company for the Apparatus and sent the Stereo Brothers to persuade Themesong and Garry to play more of Flipside’s music in return for payola.  Themesong and Garry refused and the Stereo Brothers killed Garry using a black sound box that triggered a heart attack.  Themesong helped Tracy with the case, and was rescued by Sam and Lizz when the Stereo Brothers tried to kill her in her car.

ThemesongModernMost recently, Themesong has been shown to have returned to her musical roots and has become a popular pop music singer with a song inspired by her benefactor called “Do the Tracy.”  She contacted Dick Tracy about on online phishing scam that was targetting her fans during the Phishface storyline.

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