Toad Spencer

ToadSpencerToad Spencer is the nickname of a young blond-haired homeless girl who lives with her mother Rose in the underground tunnels that used to be the lair of the Mole. The reformed Mole now helps homeless like the Spencer’s and has taken to calling the place Toad Hall.

The Mole is very fond of Toad, in a grandfatherly way and she helps him read because of his bad eyes.  Toad is an athletic girl and plays baseball/softball with other kids in a lot above the tunnels.  The lot overlooks a nearby graveyard and she hit a home run into the crypt of Stephen Baux where she found numerous skeletons.  The crypt was the dumping ground of serial killer Simon Baux (aka Sweatbox), Stephen’s brother.

There wasn’t enough evidence to arrest Sweatbox initially, and the creepy old man tracked down Toad and lured her into his car and then tied her up. Sweatbox was unaware of the lengths the Mole would go to protect his tenants.  The Mole tracked down Sweatbox and Toad in a car and dragged Sweatbox out of the vehicle.  The two brawled in the rain and mud.  At one point when Sweatbox seemed to have the upper hand, Toad hit him in the head with a fastball, cutting his eyebrow.

When Dick Tracy and Lee Ebony arrived in a squad car, Sweatbox took off but lost control of his vehicle and flipped on to train tracks. An oncoming train destroyed the vehicle, killing Simon Baux.

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