Toby Townly

Toby Townly was with Mark Masters when he shot and robbed Bookie Joe for money.  Toby took the high road after the shooting and took Joe to the hospital.  Later when Blake and Bookie Joe kidnapped Tess Trueheard and held her in a stable at the Fairgrounds, Toby was sent in as a negotiator but before anything could be accomplished, Blake broke an oil lamp and set fire to the stables after which Toby and Blake were both arrested.  Back at headquarters Blake shot an officer with a pen gun and pinned it on Toby and she was briefly jailed before Tracy was able to prove Blake was the guilty party and Townly went free.

Toby met Kress Kroywen and soon the couple were married and had a child.  Toby’s father-in-law was a scientist working on a cure for Tropic Sleep who planned on using the baby in his experiments.  Toby attempted to hide the child from Mr. Kroywen in a suitcase.  When the baby was found, Mr. Kroywen arrived and abducted it.  As luck would have it, Dick Tracy was on the case and was able to save the child.

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