Vera Alldid

Vera Alldid was the first husband of Sparkle Plenty, the two falling in love while she was still a teenager and against her father B.O.’s wishes, the two ran off and got married shortly after.  After their marriage, Vera’s comic strip,”The Invisible Tribe”, was syndicated and Alldid signed a million dollar contract.  Sparkle returned to her parents with her new husband and a fancy sports car.  The money and success convinced B.O. to give his blessing to the marriage.


Vera and Sparkle return home married

Success, however, went to Vera’s head and he became obsessed with money, wine, music and women other than Sparkle.  By June of 1978, Alldid had run off to Mexico and filed for a quickie divorce from poor Sparkle.  Life got better for Ms. Plenty after that, Sparkle would go on to marry Junior Tracy and raise two wonderful girls.

VeraAlldidOn the other hand, life got rougher for Vera.  “The Invisible Tribe” was eventually cancelled and Alldid struggled to find money.  By 2011, he was writing a horror themed coloring book for the hitman, Abner Kadaver.  While drawing the book, Vera stayed in Kadaver’s warehouse full of props and horror movie devices.  Unknown to the artist, Kadaver had hired him to lure Tracy into a death trap.

Kadaver arranged for Vera to get roaring drunk at Cueball’s bar, after which he staggered to Sparkle and Junior’s house and demanded money.  Sparkle of course refused and Sam Catchem showed up to haul the disorderly Alldid off to jail.  He would be released and Tracy returned him to the Kadaverwerks warehouse where Abner tried to kill him.  With Junior’s help, Tracy escaped.

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