Walt Wallet

WaltWalletCentarian and patriarch of Gasoline Alley, Walt Wallet made a guest appearance in Dick Tracy in December of 2012.  In the strip, Wallet visited with Tracy after he won the Sunny Wheat Vitamin Flintheart look-alike contest.  It was then we learned that Walt and Tracy had met once before when Tracy was tracking a criminal out at the 26th precint.  Walt, who knew everyone in town was asked to look at some mugshots to help with the investigation.  When Walt returned to his car, he found a baby inside that he and his wife would adopt.  The child’s name was Judy.

GasolineAlleyReaders of Gasoline Alley will know that Judy is indeed Walt’s daughter, whom he found in his car in the Feb 28th, 1935 Gasoline Alley strip.  This was the second child Walt had found abandoned and then adopted.  Started in 1918, Gasoline Alley is one of the longest running comic strips and has the interesting feature of characters aging in real time.  Gasoline Alley and Dick Tracy are both owned by Tribune Media Services.

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