Walter Strong

Walter Strong worked for Smith Industries and invested his money with Uppward Lee-Mobile Trading company, which was in fact a ponzi scheme.  When Strong’s wife passed away with a sudden illness, he quit his job so he could relocate and start his life over with a new business.  Walter demanded Lee-Mobile pay him out his investment, which on paper should now be worth one million dollars.  Of course the Lee-Mobile’s couldn’t afford to pay out that much money, and so Uppward’s wife Trendy stopped him during his morning jog and scratched him with her fingernails, which were coated with a rare Indian poison.  Strong died there in the park of a heart attack and the Mobile’s forged his signature on a withdraw receipt, making it appear his money was no longer with the company.  Dick Tracy and team uncovered all the crimes of the husband and wife pair and brought them to justice for Strong’s murder.

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