Wendy Wichel

WendyWichelWendy Wichel is a reporter/editorialist who reports with a strong anti-Tracy bias in her articles.  When first introduced, Wendy was critical of Tracy’s use of force and she has made it a habit to be the first reporter to report on Tracy’s cases.  Wendy reported heavily during the year when Big Boy put a nationwide contract on Dick Tracy and Tracy fought back with the organized crime unit.  She was there again during the Quiver Trembly case, scolding Tracy for use of force and risking lives on board an airplane.

When Wendy began receiving notes from “The Cipher” threatening Dick Tracy and his colleagues and taking credit for the death of officer Groovy Grove, she passed the notes along to Dick Tracy leading to reveal that “The Cipher” was really Normal Jones.  This brought up the story of Flattop Jones, Shaky, Pruneface and Professor Roloc Bard’s Xylon Formula from the early years.

WendyWitchel2The reporter continued to take minor roles in stories, including the “Dick Tracy Story” of 1990 and a Putty Puss crime that put Diet Smith out of the running for president and Captain Cure disaster. She would finally leave Tracy’s city for a time to pursue other career objects and has only recently returned and begun reporting on Tracy’s activities once again, this time for television.  She has been on the scene in the aftermath of several high-profile cases including the raid on the Panda Talent Agency, the hideout for new Mr. Crime gang.  She continues to make a habit of asking questions the police department would rather not answer.

Wendy’s focus on Dick Tracy has devolved more and more into a witch hunt and when Wendy and Christmas Early were asked to do a SBN special interview with Detective Tracy, Wendy prepared a scathing list of violent activities for Tracy to justify.  Unfortunately for Wichel, the special ran long and her segment was cut.  In a rage, she quickly wrote a front page news article to voice her views.

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