Zelda the Great

ZeldaTheGreatZelda the Great was a death-defying high diver at the Circling Brothers Circus and a love interest of former circus member, Tulza “Haf and Haf” Tuzon.  After Haf and Haf murdered his wife (who was jealous of Zelda), Tuzon sought out Zelda at the circus’s winter home in Porto Monino, telling her he had gotten a divorce.  Things went well for a time, but Zelda grew suspicious when she found a poster with bullet holes and confronted Haf and Haf over the murder of his wife.

When Zelda threatened to call the police, Haf and Haf grew angry, knocked her out with a bottle and hauled her up the ladder of her high dive act.  He intended to throw her off and call it an accidental death, but Tracy and Sam showed up in the Space Coupe and Haf and Haf instead fled to a small plane, still carrying Zelda with him.  With police in pursuit through the skies above the circus, Haf and Haf tossed Zelda out, forcing Dick to dive his air car to her rescue.  The two splashed down safely into a lake but Haf and Haf escaped.

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