Rogues Gallery


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Dick Tracy has faced down an endless list of thugs and villains throughout his career. These rogues are perhaps the most memorable feature of the Dick Tracy strip. Here an attempt has been made to organize and list Tracy villains and provide further information on their criminal careers.

3 Responses to Rogues Gallery

  1. Jasper H says:

    What a great website, I love it!

  2. Tim Moffet says:

    I started reading Dick Tracy in the funny
    papers as a child around the mid-sixties.
    Which villain had the flap under his neck?
    His was big enough to hide a gun!
    I remember it had 3(?) snaps like a coin purse.
    What a delicious, realistic, artful and bizarre comic strip. Gun play often made the biggest impression.
    Seems like this guy had a lot of thick, wavy hair.

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