A list of crime bosses, gang leaders and other high level criminals Tracy has faced off against over the years.

NameActive YearsBrief BioLast Status
Big Boy1931, 1932, 1933, 1934, 1978Big Boy was a kingpin of crime in Dick Tracy's town and responsible for making Tracy a cop. Dead
Dan Mucelli1932Dan ran a dope ring and shot Dick Tracy to evade capture. Dan was eventually apprehended.Jailed
Larceny Lu1932, 1934Larceny Lu and her gang ran a stolen auto parts ring which was uncovered by Junior. Lu would again see action with Steve the Tramp and Doc Hump before her second arrest.Jailed
Boss Herrod1933Herrod was a retired politician who ran rackets in the city for Big Boy and instigated a gunfight at City Hall.Dead
Cut Famon1935Ran a protection racket in the city.Dead
Bookie Joe1935Bookie ran a gambling syndicate in the city.Dead
Lips Manlis1936Former gang boss who redeemed himself and worked with Tracy under the name Bob Honor.Free
Danny Supeena1937Gang leader who dabbled with insurance scams.
Mayor Chiang1938Mayor of Chinatown and Boss of a slave cartel.Dead
Junky Doolb1940Gang leader and murderer arrested and then killed while escaping jail with an empty gun.Dead
Jerome Trohs1940Short lawyer who took control of Junk Doolb's gang with his girlfriend Mamma.Dead
Czar Rennis1941Crime boss in the gambling racket, Czar was killed by his own henchman.Dead
Littleface Finney1941Violent gang leader who led a stolen gem racket before things went sour with Dick Tracy.Free
Jacques1942Blackmailer and con-man, former owner of the Bird Club.Dead
B-B Eyes1942, 2011, 2012, 2013Bootlegger, kidnapper with a grudge towards Dick Tracy.Free
88 Keyes1943Piano player and secret head of gang specializing in murder.Dead
Measles Enog1945, 1981, 2012Organized a dope dealing operation into a local prison using his mother on the inside.Dead
Shoulders1946, 1948Tough man who provided protection to street criminals and would later take up robbery and murder.Dead
Coffyhead1947Coffyhead attempted to end Junior's Crimestopping Club but ended himself instead.Dead
Mrs. Volts1948Electrical supply thief and racketeer.Dead
Big Frost1948, 2011Racketeer responsible for the murder of the scientist Brilliant.Dead
P.S. Tone1949Pear-shaped swindler and jewelry thief who would go straight after his arrest.Free
The King1951Head of a large criminal syndicate, "The King" was Big Boy's successor.Dead
George Alpha1952Known as Mr. Crime, Alpha was the head of a large criminal organization.Dead
Odds Zonn1953Criminal who tried to take over Mr. Crime's empire after George Alpha died.Dead
Open-Mind Monty1954Ran a jewelry ring and teamed up with Dewdrop Hepbeat to kill Dick Tracy.Jailed
Rughead1954Headed a stolen fur racket and tried to have Dick Tracy killed once uncovered.Dead
Charley Hardley1959Wheelchair bound head of a slot machine syndicate.Dead
Willie the Fifth1959, 2011Head of a city crime syndicate who wanted Lizz Worthington dead.Dead
Ace of Spades1962Leader of the 52 GangJailed
Piggy Butcher1967A vile pig headed mob boss who ran afoul of the Chin Chillars.Dead
Mr. Intro1968Underworld boss who worked with Purdy Fallar to steal Moon gold.Dead
The Brain1974Brain obsessed mob boss looking to recovered $2 million in stolen money.Dead
Flipside1987A music producer and organized crime boss.Dead
Pinhead2002Bank robber and leader of a gang of "Heads".Jailed
Red Hawk2002, 2003Triggerman and leader of the Bird gang.Dead
The Chameleon2003Led a gang of bank robbers that have hit 16 cities in the U.S.Jailed
Mousse2004Mob boss with a sweet tooth responsible for a massive police bribery operation.Dead
Fiendish Fred2004Mastermind and leader of the All Purpose Gang.Hospitalized
Royal Flush2007Led a team of card themed criminals.Jailed
Baskerville2008A criminal who organized bank robberies.Dead
Big Ace2009Criminal mind behind a series of high value casino robberies.Jailed
Panda2011, 2012A lieutenant for Mr. Crime, Panda basically ran things after his release from prison.Dead
Davey Mylar (Mr. Crime)2011, 2012A computer nerd who became the new Mr. Crime.Dead
Venus2013, 2014Leader of the Black Hearts, a major criminal group in the city.Free

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