Ace of Spades

AceofSpadesLittle Notting, aka the Ace of Spades is a convicted murderer and escapee born with an inferiority complex so big he had to turn to crime to get even with the human race.  Notting was the leader of the 52 Gang, a gang that kept identities a secret by wearing black masks and form-fitting shirts at all times.  The 52 Gang had global aspirations and second in command, the King of Spades stole Diet Smith’s new Space Coupe to help their theft, narcotics, gambling and extortion operations.

The King of Spades went on a killing spree with the new Space Coupe, eliminating several enemies before all 52 members of the gang retreated to a mesa plateau to relax and celebrate.  Dick Tracy was able to track down the 52 Gang’s vacation spot and parachuted in and eliminated a senior member, Ten of Spades and took his place.  During the infiltration, Tracy attended a meeting of the gang leadership.  Ace announced that he and the King of Spades would be taking the Space Coupe to Hong Kong to handle business and Tracy stowed away.  Once in orbit, he took control of the Coupe following a fight with the two gang leaders.  During the fight, the King of Spades was jettisoned into orbit and Little Notting was captured and revealed to the police. Good eyes will notice Notting has an “A” for Ace tattooed on his forehead.

The cops returned to the mesa plateau and forced Notting to call on the rest of the gang to surrender.  The Queen of Spades, now the senior leader refused and fired on the police helicopter and the authorities responded with napalm.  The Queen went mad with anger, firing on any of her men/women who tried to surrender.  In the end, all members of the gang but the Ace of Spades were killed.


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